The Luxury of Bespoke
Custom Design for modern day aristocracy

The term bespoke in fashion and jewellery is reserved for individually designed and crafted articles for a single person. Bespoke is in contrast with mass-manufactured ready-to-wear (also called off-the-shelf articles). Connoisseurs and lovers of fine jewellery always seek to possess something exceptional, an object of beauty, a joy forever. At Jagdish Jewellers, we have been crafting fine bespoke jewellery and accessories for generations from royalty to the modern day czars of the business world. Ladies and gents often share their ideas about what they would like to custom-order and we leave no stone unturned to bring their dreams to life in gold, diamonds and everlasting smiles.

If you have a special design or request for an exclusive, limited edition jewellery that you
would like us to hand craft individually for you alone, please contact us for a private appointment
with Sagar Singla and we will be happy to get in touch.

Jagdish Jewellers is a premier jewellery company where the fine art of crafting superlative designer jewellery runs in the family. A name trusted by the esrtwhile Panjab aristocracy, the house of Jagdish Jewellers carries forwards its rich legacy of incomparable quality, design and workmanship. Through the jewellery we make, we try to capture the essence of classic styles and blend it with contemporary sensibilities as also the avant garde. On offer is a wide variety of jewellery in Antique finish gold, gold, kundan and polki and crafted with diamonds, pearls and precious stones, set in gold, platinum and other precious metals. We invite you to visit our stores and be spoiled for choice.

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